Welcome to the UCSF Computational Cancer Community!

We host a recurring monthly meeting focused on cancer genomics and computational cancer biology and oncology. This meeting provides a forum for leaders in computational research from UCSF and around the country to share largely unpublished work and to get feedback and input. We also host rapid-fire sessions for UCSF trainees and faculty to share work in progress.

2024 C3 Meetings

6/10:  Lightning Talks from UCSF trainees
4/8: Antonina Mitrofanova, Rutgers
3/11: Karin Pelka, UCSF
2/12: Brian Hie, Stanford

2023 C3 Meetings

12/11: Oliver Bogler, National Cancer Institute
11/13: Marcin Cieslik, University of Michigan
6/12: Lightning talks (Travis Zack, Butte Lab; Sushil Sobti, Goodarzi Lab; Matvei Khoroshkin, Goodarzi Lab; Hanbing Song, Huang Lab; David Quigley, Quigley Lab; Andrew Clugston, Sweet-Cordero Lab; Saumya Bollam, Balmain Lab)
5/8: Angela Brooks, UCSC
4/11: Luke Gilbert, UCSF
3/13: DeepCell (Kelly Miller and Ryan Carreli)
2/13: Ronglai Shen, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

We also host a yearly Computational Boot Camp. The purpose of the Boot Camp is to introduce trainees to ideas in computational cancer including, bioinformatics, computational biology and statistics. Hands-on components will utilize the R language. After attending the Boot Camp participants should be able to better advance their own computational cancer problems and should be able to better interpret the computational cancer approaches of others.

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